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YoSoyLaTierra... - Hollywood - 4May2001 11:01 PM
what is going on? has sumosonic vanished off the face of the earth? no one has even posted a message here since march of 2000!!!! thats over a year ago. Someone let me know what is going on with this brilliant band, if you know. Are they coming out with something new? I live in the US and it's impossible to know what Pat is up to. If anyone knows what the deal is LET ME KNOW!!!!

R.I.P. Sumo.
dreitzel... - LA, CA - 13Jul2001 4:42 PM
Pat was forced to admit that the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy was refusing to die. There has been a live cd and a cd of new material. Go to www.jazzbutcher.com to read about it. Both are quite worth your time and money.

Pat also told the audience at a recent concert in LA that Sumo, his dog, has passed on. Very sorry to hear about Sumo, Pat. Just so you know, that was a brilliant version of "Sister Death" you played in tribute though.


Sumosonic lives on in Northampton
wemgadge... - Wemgadge - 11Feb2011 2:54 PM
Sumosonic lives on in Northampton as Wilson:

http://wilsondub.com/ (DVD coming out) (as of 2011)

Pat also still plays occasionally as:


This Rocks
dens... - Devin Ens, Saskatoon - 5Mar2011 2:41 PM
I personally think This Is Sumo is one of the best albums of '98, but I didn't hear about it until 2008--thanks to a friend in Vancouver who owns a copy.

Thanks for the music
heck... - J Heck, Iowa City - 28Sep2012 5:34 AM
Agreed, best record of '98 - I'm still listening and happy to find this site today - It's never too late to hear versions of great songs, and thanks for the Demo .mp3's - You Rock!

this song is on the server, though remains unlinked as of 28-9-12:

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Sumosonic recordings may be found on-line